“Physical exercise is the key factor to gain the wished body. Feel yourself
more active and lively taking advantage of these benefits that will provide
you more than a nice figure..”

Accuracy, breathing and concentration
Join in!!. System of physical and mental training, which joins energy and the strength of the muscles with the mental control, the breathing and relaxation. We can distinguish two types of Pilates; for beginners and
more advanced learners.

Low and medium heart rates Join in!!. System of cardiovascular training where you carry out aerobic exercises using a bike. In this type of exercise, you will mainly work your legs and gluteus what is successful for losing weight and tone up.

Becoming toned!
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Aerobic training system to tone up your whole body by using different
kind of materials or simply using your body.

Synchronization of body movement and breathing
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Yoga is a well-known discipline, which is mainly focused on your body and
mind through breathing and relaxation. This technique is not only helpful
for your body; it is rich for your mind and spirit too.

Getting stronger and becoming toned
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Training session based on stretching which provides our muscles flexibility
and elasticity. At the same time, we are able to relax our mind and body.

Gluteus, abdomen and legs
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Physical training system through which we work 3 main parts of out body:
gluteus, abdomen and legs.
We often use some materials and raise our heart rate carrying out cardiovascular work, which allows us to tone up these three parts of our body.

Weight loss and tone up
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Cardiovascular training system focused on aerobic exercises using elliptical
bike. It is very useful if you want to lose weight and become toned.

Resistance and strengthen
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Choreographed training system with a stick and discus, which allows us to strengthen and tone up the whole body. You will work the main muscles groups using the best exercises of the fitness room.

Energy explosion
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Choreographed training programme to work the cardiovascular zone.
Martial arts movements, which work the muscle toning, resistance and
coordination combine it.

Fun and health
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This discipline, which is base don dancing following a choreography allows
us to keep a healthy body. Furthermore, it develops and tones up our
body through dancing movements.

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