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Our fitness rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art machines, touch screens and Internet access. 

Bodybuilding, cardiovascular, functional training areas, with equipment from Precor, Keisser Stair Master, Assault brands. First-rate engineering brands, with scientific rigour and products such as:


QUEEMAX designed for body training, functional and suspended.

AIRRUNNER curved treadmills, more ergonomic, designed for less impact on the foot

AIR BIKE - resistance-based operation Adapts to the specific needs of each user thanks to individualized settings.

STEPMILL Cascading ladder. Imitates the actual movements of climbing stairs using an escalator-style platform instead of pedals.

And many others that together with our professionals will help you to improve your agility, power, endurance, balance... 

If you also want a physical assessment, continuous supervision, optimize your time and achieve your goals. Request one of our personal trainers. We have a technical and human team that will accompany you, motivate you and design the program you need to reach your goals.

Translated with

Abdominal area
Join in!!
15 to 20 minutes exercises base don the abdominal area. This session is
beneficial for your spinal column and the abdomen area.

Functional training
Join in!!!
30 minutes of functional work to strengthen and tone up our muscles
using as resistance our own weight.

Intensive functional
Join in!!

30 minutes of intensive functional training whose goal is to raise our
aerobic capacity.

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Carrer de Don Joan d'Àustria 5

CP 07500

Tel 871 808 964 - 664 53 85 52

Lunes a Viernes : 07:00 – 21:00

Sábados y festivos : 09:00- 13:00

Domingos: CERRADO

En Happygym te ofrecemos actividades en las cuales el ponerse a punto para lograr tus objetivos es fácil y divertido con la ayuda de nuestros profesionales.



Magaluf  (CALVIA)
C.C.La Vila, Av. Carlos Sáenz de Tejada N. 8 
CP .07181

Tel: 971-778-155 - 664 53 85 52
Lunes a Viernes : 06:30 – 21:30

Sábados y festivos, : 09.00 - 13:00 / 16:00 - 20:00

Domingos y festivos CERRADO